Medical Tourism To and From Beverly Hills, California


Sunset Marquis

 The Montage

 Services provided 2015

1)      Executive Checkups  including Comprehensive blood tests (Starting from $1000)

2)      Concierge Medicine with biannual follow ups (Starting from $1000)

3)      Clinical Laboratory testing ( Charges defined per test )

4)      Genetic Testing (Charges defined per panel)

5)      Travel Expenses to Beverly Hills from destination. Private Jet, First Class, Business Class/ per request

6)      Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy ( per request)

7)      Stem Cell treatment (per request)

8)      PRP Platelet Rich Plasma  (Face $250 Deep Knee Injection $250, special sites per request)

9)       Injuries and Special Conditions (price per request)

10)    Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery (price per request)

11)    Face, Breast, Body Liposuction (price per request)

12)    Cosmetic Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty (price per request)

13)    Dermatology, Thermage, Fillers, Botox (price per request)

14)    Body Sculpt Wraps ( from $250 per area)

15)    Skin Care products, stem cell Serum and Cleanser ($240)

16)    Bio-identical Hormone Therapy ( from $250)

17)     Mind Body Medicine ( from $250)

18)     Quantum Biofeedback / Energy Medicine (from $150)

19)     Life Style Management / Life Coach ( from $250)

20)    Highest Quality Vitamins and Supplements made in USA———————————————————-